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Pop-Up Exhibition

A one-man show will be held on Friday 7 December, 5.30pm - 8.00pm at the Battery Point Community Hall

(52 Hampden Road, Battery Point)

This is a unique, one-night only show featuring the work of Michael Weitnauer. The artwork has been hand picked by the curators from his private collection and includes new paintings.

Exhibitions 2018

Call of the Mountain & Other Places (one-man show)  18 July - 11 August

Gallery Pejean

Mal said let's do another road trip we did!!! (one-man show) 8 September - 5 October

Art House Gallery South Yarra

“Kunanyi - Celebrating the Wild Mountain” (Group Show)  17 October - 14 November

Wild Island Tasmania

Exhibitions 2019

Breathe ... Let Go !!! (one-man show)  10 July - 3 August

Gallery Pejean


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